The theatrical experience is a type of trance – a temporary escape to a parallel reality- built and shared between performers and their audience.  This shift in consciousness can sometimes be so powerful that after the show is over it is hard to recall what happened on stage. It is as if it had all been a dream. When the curtain raises actors and audience float through different worlds, and at the end of the journey it is difficult to ‘come back to reality’ as perhaps both have forgotten all about their normal selves. For some actors this experience is like being possessed, and sometimes this is the same for members of the audience.

In this workshop I help the group explore rituals and summon this hypnotic state. We will focus on discovering states of consciousness through intuition rather than deciding actions through rational thought. My workshop provides a space for spontaneous and organic collaboration, awakening the senses to enjoy and explore real or imagined situations and realities. Together we will create new ways of connecting with each other, and working as a group we will transform the space and also ourselves.