Anything is possible if it happens within a game. In a friendly and secure atmosphere the participants will look for ways to unleash themselves into a world of endless opportunities within the act of play. They will find the pleasure in taking risks, finding ways of raising the stakes in a playful way. The workshop is designed to be suitable for beginners and will also allow experienced players to learn a lot about themselves.


The idea for this workshop was born when Anja Balzer and Nadine Antler asked me to teach in Bochum back in 2012. Around that time I was beginning to get interested in ways of behaving and misbehaving on stage so the proposal seemed as the perfect opportunity to take a deeper look this theme. As years go by I find more tools useful for this workshop in the world of bouffon, clown and the exploration done with participants. 

Photo: Petr Novák - (BuranTeatr)

``Daniel's relaxed and curious approach quickly managed to create an open and fun atmosphere within the group, enabling us to explore our own playfulness and make new childlike experiences: innocent, invested, experimental and without judgement. I highly recommend his workshops to discover your playful self!``
Tina Baumgartner Improvisor and Mindfulness Trainer