Surveys about fears commonly show stage fright at the top of the list, in some cases even more than the fear of death. This emotion, usually seen as negative and unpleasant is there for a reason. How can we get to know it? Can we embrace it? Can we be friends with it? and most importantly, can we learn how to use it?


This workshop was created by Daniel Orrantia for  MITICO -Impro Fest- Italy. It explores the idea that fear is a natural emotion that “visits” us to help us more than to block o paralyse us. The aim is to recognize and “educate” your fear so it will behave as your friend ! For this we will be taking ideas mentioned by Viola Spolin and other fantastic theatre teachers.

MITICO -Impro Fest 2015
Photo: Ville Välimäki (FiiF )


Daniel created a fun and safe environment to take us in an adventure outside of our comfort zone, beyond our imagined limits where usually fear arises. We learned how to transfer fear into a positive excitement, into a creative energy. Techniques, tools that we have learned took my stage confidence to another level – and I do use them since at work and must admit sometimes at home too.

Peter Bob
Peter Bob Improviser based in Berlin

``Fear as a friend is a class that helps you do exactly that: becoming friends with your fear. You get to practice on stepping out of your comfort zone in a safe and friendly environment. You will explore different techniques in various scenarios that might feel challenging. However, no need to dread, Daniel is super skilled teacher and he will lead you through the challenges in a safe and playful way. I highly recommend going to Daniel’s class - you will grow and develop your improv skills while having fun - guaranteed.``

Anne Roe
Anne Roe Improviser based in Norway