Dany Ela


IMPRO 2016 - Berlin

Live performance takes place in a three-dimensional space. The way we approach this has a direct and strong effect on what we communicate as performers. By exploring ways in which space is manipulated and expressed in pictures, images, and other two-dimensional representations, we will develop new tools to play and transform the way we  address the stage.

This workshop is an exploration of ideas that aim at empowering the use of space in order to enrich the visual aspect of our stories.  We will play with conceps such as proportion, framing, balance, time, and others.

As we are inspired by images this workshop is accompanied by a series of images and videos that help ilustrate the use of space choseen by artists. We wil look at the work of masters such as Goya, Picasso, Rembrand, Velazquez, Michelangelo and others as a reference for the exploration of a visual language that will  enhance the poetic quality of our work.


This workshop was born in Berlin in 2014 as a special request for a festival. It’s constantly evolving with new ideas and new ways of approching preexisting knowlege. It has been taught in more than 12 diferent cities around Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Working with Daniel was an eye-opener. Due to his background in physical theatre and clown/comedy work and his personal research in the medium of visual art, Daniel brings a unique perspective to improvisation. He has a store of simple, elegant tools and techniques to enhance scene and story. As a teacher he is clear and concise, subtle and sophisticated.

Andrew Wallace Die anderen 6

Daniel is a modest generous teacher who has brought me back in touch with my joy as an improviser and expanded my imagination as an actor. If you’ve been improvising for a long time he is highly recommended.

Anna Preminger
Anna Preminger Improv Theater Israel - Founder and Director
Workshop for Scratch Theater - Photo: Nigel Willox.

Top Photo Credits: Markus Scholz (Impronale) – Doron Lederer (Improv Theater Israel) –