Hello Impro community !

I am excited to announce I’m back on tour Europe this summer. I still have open slots for shows, workshops and collaborations, DM me for available dates and more info.

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Check some of the stops in this tour !

Improtheater Potsdam

Composition: Using Space in Theatre

This workshop is an exploration of ideas that aim at empowering the use of space in order to enrich the visual aspect of our stories.

17.06.2022 – 18.06.2022, 2 Termine, 10:00 – 16:00 Uhr


Impro-Schloss "Masterclass" 17. -24. Juli 2022 mit Beatrix Brunschko und Daniel Orantia


Impro-Schloss "Classic" 12.-19. August 2022 - Super team of instructors. FANTASTIC !


ImprovisatieTheater Nijmegen, Netherlands. Uhh sounds very cool !


Nos encontramos frente a dos tipos de preguntas. Unas son ligeras, sencillas y hasta divertidas, otras un poco más intimas y serias.

Al responderlas descubrimos relatos fascinantes que nos inspiran y nos llevan a revelar nuestras historias.

Improv Learning Center

A Hub for Improvisation.

The Improv Learning Center is an online platform where teachers from around the globe post Masterclasses for improvisers. I am supper exited to join them with “This Book is a Place”, a course on notebooks and personal books that aims to enhance your practice as improviser.