May / July 2024

Join the Journey: An Invitation to Collaborate and Create!

I am thrilled to announce the return of my tour, weaving through the vibrant cultural tapestries of Europe. It’s been an incredible journey so far, with upcoming stops at prestigious festivals and collaborations in Poland, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Kicking off at the Improdrome festival, I’m eager to join forces with a stellar cast, sparking new creative flames and crafting innovative performances. The journey continues through Spain, where I’ll connect with improvisation companies, sharing insights and leading transformative workshops—a dream come true!

Next, Germany calls with its irresistible charm, a place where I’ll reunite with beloved colleagues to embark on thrilling new projects. July takes me to Italy, with a brief stop in Rome before diving into the Tolfama International Festival of Improvised Arts in Tolfa—a celebration of spontaneity and artistic expression.

Finally, I return to Germany for Die Gorillas’ Summer Academy at Schloss Trebnitz, a fitting finale to the European odyssey.


Join me on this adventure, whether to book a show or a workshop. There are still some spots left ! Let’s create unforgettable experiences together!